Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions and Examples

Brittany Shaver

Are you using Facebook for your business? Do you need to update your existing Facebook page with a cover photo? Follow these simple tips for an effective Facebook cover photo.

A Facebook cover photo can be seen by anyone visiting your  page, regardless if they like your page, or if they are logged in / out of Facebook.

  1. Size: The graphic should be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. If you upload a smaller image, it will get stretched to fit those dimensions – which can result in a poor display. Distorted images = bad branding.
  2. Resolution: If you’re using a photograph or a graphic with many colors,  be sure to save it as an JPG and try keeping it under 100KB. If you’re using just a few colors, you may save it as PNG for a nice, crisp look. What are JPG’s & PNG’s and how do you make one? Well, if that’s a little out of your ballpark, please contact me.
  3. File Setup: Keep in mind that the profile picture will overlap the cover photo on the left hand size. When designing the graphic, be sure not to have any text or important parts of an image in that area, as it will look unprofessional if something is cut off.
  4. Design: Convey something unique about your Page / business using elements from your branding.  Keep in mind that covers can be changed, and switching them out to relate to an event, time of year or change in your business is advisable.

Here’s a helpful graphic to help you visualize on how to setup a Facebook cover photo


Samples of Facebook cover photos





Designers: Download a Free Layered PDF Template of Facebook Cover Setup

Does creating a Facebook cover photo still sound totally confusing? Well contact me, I’m happy to help!